What Latin Girls Want
Whether it be Columbian, Costa Rican, Bolivian, Puerto Rican or Dominican girls, many a native Latin girl wants to marry a man from another part of the world from where they live. One thing you will learn about Latin girls is they have strong family values that have been a part of their lives and their parents lives. These are the kinds of values that make up much of what a person is like. Like most women they seek a stable steady relationship and they want their man to be loyal. The tolerance level for loyalty is a little bigger in the Hispanic culture as they are less influenced by the puritan values of the western world. Some ladies choose to date men from different countries or races because they think local guys do not treat them right. Not all Hispanic men are unfaithful to their mates so don’t think I am trying to say that. Also note that in the Hispanic culture women join international dating sites to meet foreigners much more often than men.
Many Latina girls will select their man because of his personality rather than the material things he can give her. Dating these women will be fun, different and a learning experience every day. She prefers a not so rich spouse that loves her as opposed to a rich lady lover. They don't look at the financial status of the man like the car, watch or clothes, as long as he can support her. This may not seem true to some people because some of these girls look for ‘gringos’ to be their husband. This may be true but the gringo does not have to be ‘rich’. In all fairness many of these countries are poor and it is impossible for all women to find a man that is financially secure locally. Family comes before money, career or education and is the important thing in their lives. I have seen many beautiful girls turn down rich gringos and stay with their ‘poor’ boyfriend. Most latino girls that go with gringos do not have a native boyfriend at the time they met the gringo. They put their mate and family first and are very faithful and true to their husbands.
More on Latin Girls
The question of difference in age for a mate is not a big deal for most of these women. They are not very particular when it comes to difference. At our main dating site our mascot, the Dominican Cupid, says that many Dominican Republic girls just want financial security for their families and future family. Marrying a lady that is much younger than you will not bring critics like it does in western countries. Actually it is common in Hispanic culture to for a woman to marry an older man. They dislike dating guys close to their age because they consider them childish and immature. Often they will date guys ten or twenty years their senior. They prefer them since most of these men are more steady money wise and emotionally. She will want to get to know a man a little before going on a date but that is just a formality as she will go out with him after talking with him once if she likes him. You can win her trust pretty fast as people in other countries are not as weary of other people like they are in the US for instance. Don’t believe it? Go to the Dominican Republic and see Dominican girls, boys, women and men hitchhiking with no fear. Even school children hitchhike to and from school regularly. That says something and it is not an opinion, it is a fact. I say that’s the way the world should be. Some of them are cynical if they have been through some bad relationships with local men. This is why many choose to be foreign brides so they can experience a different way of life that may make them happier overall. They are loving, caring and loyal, and expect nothing less from their spouses.
Many that are religious or somewhat religious will try to avoid divorce at all costs should that develop. Staying true to one man all their lives is what they want and are not as used to seeing couples divorces like in the west. Hispanic women are for life, as least that is what most of these women will truly go into the marriage thinking. If you are not in that same mind frame you may not want to tie the knot because getting out of it may be more painful than splitting with a western woman who is more accustomed to seeing and knowing people that are divorced. In general when you date women outside of the first world, many more of them will be family oriented too.
Choosing from a database of hundreds of Latin brides can be an overwhelming task. It can be an interesting learning experience if you are not accustomed to their culture. This of course is also true for her in regards as to where you come from so both of you can have fun learning about one another.